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Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages?

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Question by Liv: Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages?
my friend is getting a hamster for her birthday and also a sugar glider–
will they be able to share a cage?

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Answer by loveinit2345
no i wouldnt suggest it. hamsters cant climb and jump and stuff so they need a simple cage with tubes and tunnels and stuff to entertain where sugar gliders climb and jump and usually sleep high in a cage. google sugar glider cage and u will get what i mean

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  1. CRCR on

    Noooooo. A sugar glider is a marsupial, and hamsters are rodents. Unless it’s “breeding time” most hamsters will fight and kill each other when put in the same cage, so why risk it killing the sugar glider?
    (Especially since sugar gliders cost between $ 100-$ 500)

    Plus, they don’t have the same diet or needs. It’s like having a rabbit and a ferret together, I guess. Sure, it could happen. But they have different needs, different sicknesses, and could very well end up killing each other.

    EDIT: Hampsters can climb.

  2. ?Grace-Marie on

    Your friend clearly doesn’t know anything about Sugar Glider’s. These are two different species of animals that you can’t mix. First of all, if it’s a syrian hamster, syrian hamsters cannot be houses together in a same cage. They will fight and kill each other eventually because they are very territorial animals. Only dwarf hamsters can be housed together.

    Second of all, Sugar Glider’s are huge predators. They eat BIRDS out in the wild. If you put a hamster with a Sugar Glider they will think they are being fed a tasty meal and the hamster will become its prey. It will eat it.

    By the way, Sugar Glider’s need to live in pairs, which means you need a MINIMUM of TWO Sugar Gliders. If you get only one Sugar Glider, it risks depression and self mutilation, meaning it will eat itself. They are happier living with another Glider. Also you guys sound young. Sugar Gliders live for 15 years, is your friend ready for this commitment? When will she be going to college, will she take the Glider with her when she goes? Can she take it with her? Most dorms don’t allow Glider’s in their home. These are exotic, illegal and messy pets.

    Sugar Glider’s need a very, very special diet. If they are not fed the proper diet they can and WILL get diseases and unhealthy and they will die. Pet stores do not sell the required diets a Sugar Glider needs, even if you purchase the Glider itself in the pet store. They know nothing about Glider’s. Glider’s diets consist of foods you get at every day food markets such as veggies, fruits, baby foods, honey, bee pollen, mealworms, etc. but the ingredients you use depends on the diet that you feed it. It takes money, measurements and about 20 minutes of your time to prepare there food as well. You can’t just pour them some commercial food out of a bag that you buy from a pet shop or whatever you want to feed them or random fruits and veggies.

    Look up the BML diet or the HPW diet for Sugar Gliders. Please, please do not get a glider if you’re getting it alone. These animals are for people who have a lot of time on their hands and are very understanding of their research on taking care of Gliders. If your friends getting one and thinks she can share a cage, she’s obviously had no research on them.

    Gliders need to be in HUGE cages. No hamster cage can hold them. That’s torture, it’ll die. Go take a look at what people put their gliders in and see how big the cages are. They can run you from a $ 100 and up and if that’s a problem don’t get one.

    By the way they can’t be potty trained. They’ll poop and pee all over you, and when inside the cage, while they climb up the cage, they’ll be shooting pee out at anything close by, so expect the walls to be covered in piss too. They also make a mess with their food and throw it around and have food fights, so have fun cleaning food off the floor as far as a few feet away from the cage.

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