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Can you use a Cube and Coroplast cage for sugar gliders.?

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Question by animallvr: Can you use a Cube and Coroplast cage for sugar gliders.?
I think sugar gliders are very cute and i’m thinking of getting one ( or two, depending on their needs ). I’m trying to learn everything before i care for a life.

1. What type of cage should i get that’s cheap but meets the circumstances.

2. What are the best things to feed them. I know they cant eat rodent food and they can only eat veggies and fruits and stuff. What exactly do you feed yours?

3) Can you give me a link of the toys and pouches and cage accessories that sugar gliders enjoy?

4) Any other little details you want to add.

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Answer by It’s Explanatory
These people on this site are VERY knowledgeable about sugar gliders. They know what cages you should get, and where to find them.

They can tell you what to feed your gliders.

And they can tell you everything that your gliders would love to play with.

Its all about gliders, and you can ask questions, read other people’s questions and stories, and find glider selling ads.

Sugar gliders need a LOT of special care and time. They do stink, can bite, and they are nocturnal.

You also need to find out if it is legal in your state to own them, and you MUST MUST MUST find a vet nearby that is trained in sugar glider caring and treating.

Edit: I would also like to add that they will need a LOT of space to roam and glide around in, so you will need a large, tall cage. But the people on the site I gave you will give you a LOT of information.

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