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Condition of Sugar glider at a pet store in Texas?

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Question by mistress_seraphim_shadow: Condition of Sugar glider at a pet store in Texas?
I recently visited a pet store in Stephenville Texas to purchase mealworms for my sugar gliders. I noticed they had an adult glider for sale. She is being very poorly cared for, in a tiny cage, housed in the same room with birds. She was being fed peanuts and trailmix for a bag.

My first question is if it is even legal to sell sugar gliders in pet store in Texas. I know that some state ban the sale of these animals in stores, but I’m not sure about Texas. If it’s not legal, to whom do I report this.

If it is legal, is there a way to report the mistreatment of this animal?

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Answer by LeAnne
I don’t know how it is in Texas, but in Maine each town has an animal control officer. There must be something like that where you live. Call the police station and ask to speak an to animal control officer. Explain to him what you have said here. That is terribly sad, sugar gliders are so adorable. If this pet store is treating this glider like that, how well do they care for the other animals? They should be out of business.

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  1. Birdgirl on

    You should tell them NOT too feed that animal so many seeds it can lead to death because there high in fat and dont have enough vitamines for there bones I have had a sugar glyder before.

    You should phone them manager of that pet store and tell that person to give that sugar glyder better care and a bigger cage if not you can phone a wild life centre and tell them which I think is best either way of them having a liscence for this animal they have no right to feed it those fatning foods and keep it in such a small cage. :(

  2. tula_p on GET IN contact with these guys!

    Call police and find animal refuge in your area/try & find rescue groups for exotic pets, they can usually help.

    :( Do something today, that’s very sad.

    You’re a nice person. Oh don’t call animal control, as they can sometimes actually treat an animal even more poorly than the pet store would. Sad but true.

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