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Considering Buying a 1 Year Old Sugar Glider?

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Question by Yechi: Considering Buying a 1 Year Old Sugar Glider?
I have researched Sugar Gliders for about 6 months, and I am confident that I will be able to keep one and give a prospective Sugar Glider a happy home. I was looking into the differences between adopting and purchasing, when I came across a 1 year old female Sugar Glider that I am told is great with her family, but they don’t have enough time to play with her as needed. She has been offered to me along with accessories, and I am tempted to go for it.

I asked the basic questions (was the breeder USDA, vet visits etc) but now I’m wondering about the disadvantages of bringing home a 1 year old as opposed to a baby. Will my experience be different from what I have read? Will there be bonding issues? Conversely, what are the advantages?

Please refrain from hearsay. Experienced owners of Sugar Gliders only please.

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Answer by clendent
There is no difference with glider age as far as bonding goes. How easily a glider bonds to you all depends on the gliders personality, how tame they are, and how much YOU put into the relationship.

You should however have another glider to go with her. If you have done research like you said, then you should already know this.

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