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Do i need to get my sugar glider fixed?

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Question by Redfawn789: Do i need to get my sugar glider fixed?
I have a 8wk old baby male sugar glider. & just want to know if he has to be fixed, Idon’t have any others in the cage

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Answer by Moon
Well you dont ‘need’ to but you should simply because this will cut down on his chances of contracting one of the reproductive cancers later in life. Altered animals regardless of species live longer. He will also be much more mellow when you do this due to his decreased testosterone levels. I hope this helps.

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  1. Sara on

    It’s highly recommend.
    Reason being that unaltered male sugar gliders develop a rather strong odor due to the sweat glands that will form as he reaches maturity. Also, neutered males are much, much calmer and make the best pets!

    There is a problem though with your question. You have just one? Sugar gliders are social creatures and do not do well alone. You NEED to get it a friend. And yes, it will need to be neutered before introductions…. Reason, two un-neutered males WILL fight (however they get along just fine if they’re both fixed), and a male and a female sugar glider WILL male, however a neutered male can get along just fine with a female (females CANNOT be fixed). PLEASE do some research there.

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