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Got What I Need for Sugar Glider?

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Question by Epic FAIL America: Got What I Need for Sugar Glider?
Ok, I need help making sure I have all the stuff for 2 sugar gliders. I may be getting some and I know I have a bit more research to do, but here are the products I have planned out. Please tell me if there is something I need to add. And NO answers like “What is a sugar glider?” If you don’t know google it and stay off my question.
-Cage from martins cages. I have been told they are good.
-pelleted glider food, vitamin/calcium supplement, fresh foods like apple and leafy greens. The pellets provide all the protein they need.
-wodent wheel
-2 rope toys
-swing w/beads
-circle ladder
-natural branch perch
-wood perching ledge
-nest thing made of fleece
-waffle block house
-heat rock
-water bottle
-food dish(s)
-bonding pouch
-corn cob bedding (cage has wire grate)
-yogurt and fruit treats
-toy with rings, beads, and danglies
So is this everything I need?
many thanks for any suggestions! I do know things will need to be replaced and stuff, but as for the initial startup…
I was looking at pocket pets. Are they good as far as their gliders goes? They seem really nice, but you never know with the internet…
OMG! I am so stupid! I forgot: calcium toy with a bell and wood to climb on.
Hey. I will NEVER have the them shipped! I have read about it. Thats why I mentioned pocket pets. They come to you and meet you in person so they can see you and vice versa when they deliver your gliders.

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Answer by Princess Belle
Theres always things you will need hun

But you seem to have gotten most of it down, just maybe another kind of toy. and lots of love time and attention and you should be good

There so cute.

Goo dluck

edit- silly of me to i thought about it, but i have my mind other places.

I wouldn’t buy off line, i would try and find one sorta locally, or close enough.

meet them, and then buy them.

this is a site, i have been looking at a couple things on there, you can even place an ad on wanting sugar gliders.

It’s only in certain areas tho.

If it doesn’t work, i’ll try and help you find another suggestion.

please please don’t have them shipped..

its dangerous to their health

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  1. Blazin Arrow on

    do not buy from pocket pets. ever heard of puppy mills? well they are sugar glider mills. i have 2 sugar gliders and i love them. look them up locally on craigslist or try to find a breeder or someone who knows about them and once you get em bring them right to the vet to make sure their ok and not sick =)

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