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Help – How to sell my sugar glider?

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Question by wakegirlie_23: Help – How to sell my sugar glider?
I am selling my 7 month old suggie for .00 and I am in Northern VA. I will not give him away for fear he will not end up in a good home. I have posted this on yahoo pets but no success. I have moved to a new house where my roomates will not allow any animals. He is in good health and everything I just need to find him a good home. 0 will get you the carrying cage and his house with toys and food bowl and water bottle.

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Answer by rubberhotman
but before you sell him to some one ask if you can see whare he will lives and see if they get along gliders can be tempermental when they are seperated from the one that rased him so make shure they get along if he bites then it is not the home he is compfital in, they are good juges of caractor.

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  1. myaddictiontofire on

    I’ve had great luck using – you can post your glider being rehomed in your area at no charge to you. Also the forum has a classified section, also free to post on.

    Good luck finding a good home for your glider :)

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