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how can i get my male sugar glider to like me more?

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Question by janleecross: how can i get my male sugar glider to like me more?
i have a male sugar glider and i don’t know if i can even reach my hand in the cage to pet him and not bite me…i don’t know if he’s scared of me or im scared of him…what can i do?

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Answer by Charlie Bucket
Seduce it.

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  1. Billie Dee on

    Offer him some sweet fruit. He’s probably afraid of you and will just take time.

  2. Comatose on

    First, I have a few questions.
    How old is he? How long have you had him? Who did you get him from?

    If you’ve had him for a few days, or even over a week, he’s still afraid of you. If you got him from someone who didn’t handle him much, then he’s not used to being handled. Imagine – you’re trying to sleep, and all of a sudden, this huge, unfamiliar hand tries to reach down to touch your or pick you up. Kind of scary, huh? That’s how he feels right now. If he’s older, it will be a bit harder to bring him around, but it’s still possible!

    Carry him around in a bonding pouch during the day for about 3 hours or more. This will get him used to your scent (since they’re scent oriented critters), the sound of your voice, and some of your movements.
    Cut out fleece squares, about 3×3 inches, and put them on you during the day. I put mine in my bra, but wherever you can find to put them where they won’t bother you, it’s fine. As long as they’re touching your body, so don’t put them in your pocket. Put the scented fleece squares in his pouch(es). Again, this gets him used to your scent. Cycle the squares out.
    To get him used to your hands, offer him yogurt or honey on the tip of your finger for him to lick off. This makes him associate your hands with good things. If he bites your finger out of fear, that’s okay. He will get a taste of the good stuff and should start licking it off happily. When it starts to run out, though, don’t be surprised if he starts scraping his teeth on your finger. They’re known as sap suckers, so they do this in the wild to get more sap out of trees. So basically, he’d be trying to get more honey or yogurt out of your finger. Just dip it back in and give him some more. ;)
    Tent time is essential. Each night for about an hour, you should play with him in either a tent or a sugar glider proofed room. If he doesn’t go near you the first few times, don’t be discouraged. I’d suggest taking something in with you, like a video game or something. Probably not a book, since it would need to be pretty dark. After a while, he’ll get curious and will explore you. :)

    It might take some time, but he’ll come around eventually. These are all of the techniques I used with my first two sugar gliders, who I got at 11 months old, and they had almost zero human contact, so they were pretty petrified of me and everything else. But now they’re my little baby dolls, though it did take some time.

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