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How long can a sugar glider stay on their owner?

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Question by Knat: How long can a sugar glider stay on their owner?
I read that sugar gliders without enough attention will get depressed and sick. I work 8-10 hours a day and sometimes on weekends. This means that the sugar glider would spend most of its day in its cage. I have a pretty laid back computer type job, would it be a bad idea to take the glider to work with me?

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Answer by KimbeeJ
Not to worry–they are nocturnal which means they sleep all day and are awake at night. Perfect for day workers!

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  1. rafayel on

    you can take the glider with you if you have tamed it and bonded with it. it can stay at you pouch for a long time. 2-3 hours a day should be spent with them. They are nocturnal creatures so unless you have changed their sleeping habit, you can take them with you. their lifespan is about 14 years. lack of time for them would result to reverting back to their “untamed” condition

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