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I’m finally getting my sugar glider. What do I need?

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Question by StarsAreStatic: I’m finally getting my sugar glider. What do I need?
I’ve been talking to a local breeder and I’ve been waiting to adopt the little joey for about a month. (He wasn’t old enough yet.)

I already have a cage ready.

And they are giving me a travel cage, a water bottle and food bowl.

What else do I need. I know I need some toys, but is there something I’m missing?
I do have food and a bonding pouch. Sorry, forgot to mention that.

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Answer by flpetsitter
My friend carried her’s around in a pouch on her chest so they would get used to her smell.

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  1. cavylover90 on

    Well, you could start with food.
    I don’t get people. Why adopt an animal before you understand their needs completely?

    Look at these website, it also has a forum.

  2. Prodigy556 on

    Bird toys work well in sg cages. Anything for them to climb and jump from works great. Do you have a hammock for him to sleep in while in the cage? Mine loved their hammock. I suggest having at least two, so you can wash one and still have one in there.

    Also, you said you got the food already. Which diet did you choose to feed the glider? Most of the proper glider diets are prepared daily, or at least weekly. I only ask because most new glider owners do not understand the importance of proper diet, and feed their gliders the pellets(thinking it is safe and adequate).

  3. myaddictiontofire on

    Cage? check
    Dishes? check
    Food? check

    With toys and gliders on the way, it sounds like you’re pretty set. You just need LOTS of time and LOTS of patience. Hopefully with your glider coming from a breeder he’ll be nice and tame, making the transition much easier. Do you have the same vitamin suppliments the breeder uses?

    Oh, get a tent! Tent time is the best, it creates a close bonding situation while he plays, making him interact with you and associate you with fun. I lay down some fleece, bring some treats, pouch and many toys and we play for about an hour at a time. When I’m ready for bed, I turn on a light (or ask my hubby to), and they head back for the pouch so I can get them back in the cage easily.

    Lots of fleece doesn’t hurt either -go to the discount and scrap bins at wal-mart or joannes. Once you get him home you’re going to want to spoil him rotten, and you can make all kinds of no-sew toys and pouches to save money.

    HTH, have fun with your new addition!

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