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is my sugar glider ok?

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Question by chey: is my sugar glider ok?
I recieved two sugar gliders over a year ago, one male one female. The person who has given them to me did not care for them at all she didnt know their names or how old they were just that she had them for over 3 months. when i had gotten them home i the female was unable to walk she pretty much dragged her back legs when she moved. Shortly after she died leaving the male with no companion. i have no money to purchase another sugar glider so i try to spend as much time with him as i can but i noticed he has been overly grooming himself causing bald spots behind his ears. he has bonded to me but is not hand tame to where i can just pick him up any time but i do carry him around with me in a bonding pouch or the hood of my jacket. is there anyway i can help him out?

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Answer by Spiritasaur
I’m sorry about the death of your female ): I have a male sugar glider myself!

Good news for you, he’s supposed to have bald spots on his head :) It’s how they identify female/male easier. I’m sure he’s doing fine, and they seem to be quite independent, so contact with him isn’t a huge issue.

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  1. Sara on

    While n tact males DO have bald spots on their heads, this doesn’t sound normal. The bald spot is on the CENTER of their heads, not behind their ears. If he has bald spots behind his ears, it’s from overgrooming.

    You need to take this glider to the vet and get him checked out.

    Then, you really do need to work on getting him a friend. I know you say you can’t afford it, but..he’s lonely. You need to figure something out.

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