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my sugar glider just had a baby!! help!!?

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Question by sizezeroasian: my sugar glider just had a baby!! help!!?
I have two sugar gliders, Gucci and Buckeye. Gucci just had a baby and I have no idea what I should be doing/not doing or paying attention to. My gliders sleep in a flece pouch that hangs on their cage and last night when Buckeye and Gucci came out to eat there was no baby in her pouch. I heard little squeeks/crabbing and saw their sleeping pouch moving around so i peeked in and found the little baby in the bottom of the pouch all alone while Gucci and Buckeye were jumping around and eating. Gucci and Buckeye never took the baby out of the pouch the whole time I was watching and I never saw them bring the baby food or anything so I’m a little worried. Not really sure how this works so I just need advice. This is the first baby they’ve ever had, I heard sometimes they’ll abandon the baby and I want to know how I can tell if that is happening? If you guys have any info for me about this subject it would help a bunch cuz I have no idea whats normal or not! THANKS A TON!!!

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Answer by suzieq_64093
I’m not sure, but you should be able to call any pet store or vet and ask what should be done.

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  1. Woozlekisses8 on

    From what I’ve read, if a joey is going to be rejected it will happen within two weeks out-of-pouch.

  2. enchanted fairy on

    From what i can find, the baby will remain in the pouch for more than 2 months. As for feeding, you better call your vet on that, but the 2nd link below mentions water mixed with juices in the text and the 3rd link below has a bit more detail on foods. I would still suggest calling your vet to see if their behavior is normal…good luck and congrats on the little one! ?

  3. Racquel on

    ok calm down…
    she had the baby 2 months ago! lol
    they will come out of the momma pouch.. she will leave them in the fleece pouch… ( they sometimes have 2)…. while she eats and plays for a bit.. this is finally her free time.. w/ no babies inside of her..
    sugargliders are marsupials… they are pregnant for approx. 17 days… then the baby finds his way to the pouch..
    IF she were rejecting it.. she would have done that a long time ago… she wont bring the baby food.. the baby will stick his little head back into the pouch to nurse…
    unless what u saw was hairless and about the size of a finger nail.. if thats the case.. yes she has rejected it…
    but if it was fully furred.. eyes should be still closed… its fine.
    it can be alone while she is out and about.

    If you want to tame the baby.. now is the time.. you can get the baby out of his pouch.. ( the fleece pouch lol)
    only while mom is out eating.. for a few minutes… every day.. then return him to his pouch..
    in about another 2-3 weeks.. he will come out and eat on his own.. make sure u offer some soft foods for a while.
    hope this helps.

    ( the babies emerge from the mothers pouch at apprx. 8 weeks..) but still continue to nurse for another 3-4 weeks.

  4. myaddictiontofire on

    okay first off, best thing for Gucci is to up her protein – this will depend on what diet you are feeding. I feed BML, so I just up the portion of BML I give every night. I also suppliment this with a product called booster milk by Briskys – it’s to help mom produce more milk to help prevent rejection.

    Someone listed a link for suz’s sugar gliders – this has been THE best source I’ve found for baby and breeding info. I have a pair of gliders with one baby in pouch – wont be due for another 4 weeks but I purchased a rejection “kit” – a heating pad, large towel, rubbermaid container, french catheter, syringe, puppy milk replacer and booster milk. All of this will be there just in case my momma glider can’t produce enough milk or gets too stressed.

    Okay, now what you want to look for in the baby is bite marks, or if he/she is cold when the parents leave. Normally one parent should be with the baby at all times, and if they leave for long periods it could leave the joey too cold (they can’t regulate their body heat yet). If the joey is cold, put it in your bra until mom and dad come back to check on it. If it’s tummy doesn’t look full (Suz’s site will tell you how to check) you should suppliment feed with wombaroo, briskys or puppy milk replacer. If you find anything that looks like bite marks, take the joey out and hand raise it.

    Please feel free to email me at – I’m going through the same thing right now and I’ve done a TON of research :)

    Sometimes first time parents just don’t know what to do all the time and need a hand. It could also be a great chance for you to start socializing the joey, act as a baby sitter so the parents can play and eat in peace :)

    Edit: I wanted to mention that contrary to what a poster before me said, a joey can be rejected at almost ANY time – even 6 weeks old and fully furred so you must always be watchful…

  5. ryanylvr on

    I sure hope you dont live in california those are illegal but very cute I like their eyes, anyways, I would suggest getting a small fluffy purse to put them in they like the dark. You shouldn’t touch it until its old enough to fend for itself or the mother will “disown it”.

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