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Should I get a guinea pig (or something else, please read)?

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Question by Earth Song? Eli ??: Should I get a guinea pig (or something else, please read)?
I like them because they’re smaller than rabbits, and bigger than hamster. Still, I heard they break their backs often, and are delicate. Their diets are delicate as well, they need a LOT of vitamin C, I’ve heard,

My english teacher said I ought to get a hedgehog or a sugar glider instead. How do their prices (and maintenance) compare to that of a guinea pig?

I have a 6-year-old in the house btw, although she won’t be holding it all that often..

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Answer by Marisa
i had a guinea pig for 7 years and although i did love little April, she was a pain. their cages get dirty really quickly and they eat a lot, a LOT (espicially lettuce) .. some are quite active and entertaining, but then you also mihgt get one thats just completely lazy (like mine) .. its one extreme or the other.

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  1. Adam a.k.a Awhdee on

    I’ve had guinea pigs before, and its important to get two of the same sex (females, advised) for company, though I suppose its not “neccesary” I’ve never had a problem with delicate backs, but you have to be careful with every animal so that you dont drop it or step on it. The important things with guinea pigs are nice big cages (none of the store bougt crap) Its relitively cheap to make a nice sized cage out of cloraplast and a wire playpen from petsmart

    As for the vitamin c, as long as you feed them guinea pig food, and supplement their diet with kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, etc… they’ll be just peachy.


    While I think they’re cleaner than rabbits, you must clean the cage at least twice a week because if not, its not uncommon for maggots to sprout up in the bedding.

  2. POTC player on

    If you don’t want a guinea pig, get a rat or two. Many people think rats are disgusting, but they’re actually cute, cuddly, and smart for that matter. They love to cuddle and play. They eat fruits veggies and grains. And they might get lonely if you only get one. So I suggest you go out and get yourself a pair of rats.

  3. rachel on

    I had a hedgehog for about 5 years a while ago. Although mine was cute, it was not a very good pet. Every time I wanted to take it out of the tank, it would curl up and hiss at me. I kept trying to make friends with it, but he wanted nothing to do with me. Maybe it was just mine, but I would never get one again. With a 6 year old, a hedgehog might not be a smart idea because your child might want to stick his (her?) hand in the cage and hedgehogs have sharp spikes. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. Kirstie on

    i have two guinea pigs, and yes its true, the have delicate diets, but it isn’t difficult to take care of, you just feed them pellets
    don’t get muesli because they pick out the bits they like, and don’t get everything they need from the food, you also have to give them fruit every other day.

    i haven’t heard anything about them breaking their backs though. aren’t that fragile, i feel better holding my guinea pigs than a hamster. guinea pigs are very tame from the start and i haven’t been bitten once, they also love company, so they enjoy being held, however this can vary from animal to animal, if you get two guinea pigs they will be more likely to dislike being held, because they like being together, ive found.

  5. kunikored on

    even tho my guinea pig was very loveing both my littel ninja(male) andmy candy(female) they were very messy they did eat alot and i dont and very often aswell and in the end sadly candy killed ninja im still not sure way and i had to get rid of her because i just couldnt take care of her anymore so its not always a good thing to keep two they are very fast aswell they ran like god knows what .anyway i thing chinchillas make good pet same goes for birds

  6. Jess B on

    Well, guinea pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C, so you have to give them pellets and fresh fruits and veggies to give them it and other important nutrients. They need 1 Cup of fresh vegetables every day and you should only give them fruit as a treat because it has a lot of sugars in it. They’re not as fragile as you would think, but you should never handle them roughly or give them an exercise wheel or ball, these can cause serious damage to their back. Guinea pigs need 1-2 hours of exercise (floor time) each day, plus handling and cuddling from you. They need lots of space (7.5 square feet per piggie), and never a pet store cage. A C&C Cage is the way to go. Guinea pigs also need to be kept in pairs of the same sex.

    Here are some websites on guinea pigs:

    Websites on hedgehogs:

    Websites on sugar gliders:

  7. ?Twilight? on

    Guinea pigs are great pets. But they are not at all easy to care for. Guinea pigs need to be kept in at least a pair, as they are social animals. Also, most people think that guinea pigs are small animals, therefore, need a small cage, however, 2 guinea pigs need to have a cage AT LEAST 7.5 square feet! Also, guinea pigs need lots of veggies and fruits to make up for a supplement for vitamin C. And small children and guinea pigs sometimes don’t work put. Guinea pigs are meant for children at least 10 and up. Kids under 10 should be supervised because guinea pigs are fragile. Also be prepared to clean the cage about twice a week. Alot of people say once a week, but I have found with my guinea pig, her cage gets really messy, so I clean twice weekly. For prices, I spend about $ 30.00 a month for Timothy Hay, food and bedding. But when you are first getting your guinea pig, be ready to spend $ 100.00 to $ 200.00. But that is for all of the ssupplies the piggy and supplies to build a cage. (Please build a C&C cage, they are AMAZING cages and are only about 30 dollars to build.)

    I personally only have one guinea pig, despite the fact you need two. I am in the process of convincing my parents to let me get another piggy. =)

    Go To:

    Good luck!

  8. There There, Lindsay on

    Well, lets think about this.

    First, lets think about what we know: all rodents are stinky – they smell like urine and their little rodent cages make the whole house stink if they are not maintained on a daily basis.
    Second, little rodents are known to carry diseases, which is something you may want to think about before introducing one into a home with a child.

    That said, let’s see if Ms. Lohan cannot give us some guidance on this topic, hm? Ah yes, *ahem* In a 2005 interview with InStyle magazine, Ms. Lohan said, “Life is full of risks anyway, why not take them?”

    What we learn from this quote is that our first reactions are often wrong, and it is important that we turn to the teachings of Ms. Lohan before we make any major or minor decision in our lives.

    Ms. Lohan encourages spontaneity and risk-taking (within reason), she teaches us that we learn from the risks we take. Reflecting on this, I think you should get a Guinea Pig, and I think Ms. Lohan would agree.

    Lindsay Bless You, Go in Peace.

  9. Irexiak on

    They are pretty delicate. Their spines curve down, so a lot of stretching out could cause some serious damage. (as could wheels or balls.) A baby needs 10 miligrams a day, and an adult needs 30 if I remember right.

    I have neither to compare to. I’m sorry =[

    If you’re scared about her holding a piggy, ONLY let her hold it when you’re around, and when she’s sitting on the ground, legs crossed, towel on lap. I’ve found that to be the easiest with children.

    Guinea pigs are great pets. They live to be 5-8 years of age, and require a lot of maintenance in that time. They need about a cup of fresh vegetables daily per pig, and they need a companion or a few. Every day, they need spot cleaning, and a full cage change weekly. They need about an hour of floor time a day, and Timothy Hay at all times.

    I’m really tired right now, but I’d tell you more about piggies if I could. Feel free to e-mail me about them- I have three piggies.

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