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So my Sugar glider just had two joey’s!!?

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Question by : So my Sugar glider just had two joey’s!!?
I was wondering if anyone knew about raising Sugar gliders when they are young. Such as when can we handle them, when will they eat normal food etc…. They just came out of the pouch a day or so ago. I want a GOod website… Help anyone??

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Answer by &hearts !Jacqueline! &hearts
Here you are!

And that’s just too adorable.. if I didn’t have too many pets already I’d totally want one lol

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  1. ALM on

    if mom is taking care of it, then you don’t need to do anything. gestation is 16 days, and it stays on the nipple in the pouch for 40 days. then it releases from the nipple but stays in the pouch for 60-70 more days. then at day 70 on, it will begin to leave the pouch for longer periods of time. the eyse open at day 75-80. weaning happens at 110-120 days. they are independed by 17 weeks of age.

    you can hold them as soon as their eyes open, the parents do not seem to mind.

    Once independed they can eat what the parents were eating. (insects, eggs, nectar, ects).

    females are sexually mature at 8-12 month, males at 12-14 months.

    All this information is from :
    Exotic Pet Behaviors-teresa bradley bays.
    It’s a very interesting book (but only a few pages are on sugar gliders)

  2. luv2bake49 on

    I have sugar gliders and this is the website I use all the time for information:

    Enjoy the new additions to your family.

  3. Stephanie V on

    Don’t try to sell them. You need a license to sell exotic pets. And can be fined and even sent to jail. Best to get your male/s fixed to avoid more pregnancies later down the line.

    Good luck with your new babies!

  4. Prodigy556 on

    The mother will care for them, bit you need to add extra protein to her diet(meal worms, etc). I handled my joey at a few days OOP, but the mother was friendly with me. She was upset when I took him(whenever she would place him in the nest.

    Be sure you are only handling them for a few minutes to get them used to you and do not stress the mother out too much. As they gets older you can handle them for longer periods of time. Joeys need to stay with mom and dad until at least 8 weeks OOP. The mother will teach them to eat normal food.

    I suggest getting your males neutered, as too many pregnancies can lead to health issues and the mother can get pregnant again right away.

    It is illegal in most places to sell exotics(sugar gliders) without a license, so you are not the proud owner of two more gliders.

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