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sugar glider help?? will is get sick if i…?

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Question by kitty: sugar glider help?? will is get sick if i…?
can you take a Sugar Glider on a plane in ur bra?
my sugar glider will stay i my bra all day np and doesn’t make a sound he just sleeps all day but i was wondering if i could take it on a plane
no one would find out because they wont see but will the high hurt him??
because when u get on a plane ur ears pop will that happen to him??
i dont wanna hurt him :(
but if i do i dont think eny one will find out because he is very silent and they wont see him at all
its not that i am gonna give them away to other states i just cant leave them home all alone i dont have eny one to take care of him

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  1. JennA on

    you don’t think anyone will notice that one of your breasts is bigger than the other, and kind of squirming??

    anyway, the high alt probably won’t hurt him…but the security guards at the airport might when the catch him. If you want to take an animal on a plane, you need to call the airline and make proper arrangements with them.

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