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Question by xXxJoyfulxXx: SUGAR GLIDER QUESTIONS!?
If a sugar glider gets sick will it always die?
If a sugar glider has any broken bones will it never walk again?
How much does it cost to go to the vet for a sugar glider?

I have 2 sugar gliders and I care about them SO much and I never want anything to happen to them!
Does PetSmart have a good vet?

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Answer by Jeff D
Sugar gliders are just like any other small mammal in that they are relatively tough, if they break a bone they will probably live, and if they get sick they will probably get better (with proper care), vet costs depend on your current vet you are seeing (I would see someone who specializes in exotic animals). I had sugar gliders a while back and the biggest issue with their health is that they are needy little things, they don’t like their schedules to change, or their owners to go away for any extended period of time (mine would flip after like 18 hours), they can even stop eating and die during owners vacations (rare but it can happen), so the best advice I can give you is to treat em like little kids….that is sort of how they want to be treated.

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  1. CF_ on

    this link is good – but sickness is unpredicable..

    as far as Vets go – every city is different – you need to call the vet and ask if they are experienced with Gliders or not.

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