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What are the cost of sugar gliders from

Question by Elizabeth: What are the cost of sugar gliders from
Ive been looking at the sugar glider connection website but no where on the website does it say the total cost of purchasing a glider, the cage, and the price of the shipment. I really need to know the cost, its for a birthday present.
i have tired the email, it just send me a message back saying it could not be sent to that user and i do not have a phone at the moment… thats my huge dilema otherwise i would call.

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Answer by FunnyBunny
It doesn’t say but here is their e-mail address and phone number so you can call and ask.


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Sugar Gliders- Cost (Poll)?

Question by Ashwee: Sugar Gliders- Cost (Poll)?
-If you don’t know what they are, I don’t want your answer.-
Preferred if you own some.
Okay so, yes I’ve done research. Yes I know how much attention they need, I know their diet. I know all that, and I know I want a pair of them, so don’t you dare try to persuade me. The thing I’m inquiring about is the price- a poll, really. I’d get just the regular gray colored. The suggies themselves would cost about $ 150-$ 200 each, or so I’ve seen. Cages need to be big and there’s a whole range of price and everything. Ingredients for their BML mixture (which is what I’ll be feeding them, as well as fruits and veggies), treats/insects. And of course cage accessories. So what I’m asking is:
How much did all of this cost for you(/someone you know)?
How much for a good cage, and what kind, where did you get it?
How much and how often do you spend on food?
How much were accessories?
And lastly, how much were your sugar gliders?

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Answer by totallywyld77
I paid $ 200 for both of mine. When I get my females in the spring, I have to have them shipped to me and that is gonna be a little over $ 400.

My cage I got it off of ebay. I can’t remember exactly what I paid but it was at least $ 175 but less than $ 200, including shipping.

Wodent wheel I have two $ 15 a piece. The nail trimming insert for one of the wheels $ 12.

Fleece cage set I get them off ebay if you like to sew you can make them yourself for less.
Price varies. I have paid from $ 20 up to $ 40 with buy it now. Depends on how big the sets are.

Food….I buy large bags of frozen veggies, the bag I bough tonight was mixed vegtables, and cost me $ 2.00. I also buy a large bag of frozen mixed fruits $ 7.00 lasts over a month.

The wheat germ ($ 5.00) baby cereal $ 1.??) the Rec-cal vitamins and calcium $ 5.00 each this stuff will last you a long while so remember to check your dates.
Apple juice $ 1.00 Juice with yogurt 4 of them $ 3.00 they will last.

Some baby food $ .68 cents or so. I don’t buy much at one time.

I use little glass water bottles seen here seen here $ 2.30 I have 4 one for back up.

Glider aid I forget what I paid for that. Treats a couple dollars here and there. Other fruits and veggies that I pick up.
I feed them chicken when we have it. I will boil some for them.

Once you get the stuff to get started it really is not expensive at all for their food and other stuff you want to spoil them with.

I like to buy them several differen cage sets, like this. It is very addicting.

I think I might have got it all.

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Cost for Sugar Glider?

Question by Reptieye: Cost for Sugar Glider?
how much does the sugar glider itself plus all the supplies cost such as cage, bedding, hide box, food dishes, nest box or pouch, branches, ladder, toys, and waterbottle

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Answer by none503
Sugar gliders cost $ 120-$ 200, sugar glider cages cost $ 100 and up, bedding $ 5 and up, hide box $ 20 and up, branches $ 10 and up, ladder $ 10 and up, toys $ 5 and up, waterbottle $ 5 and up.

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How much should a sugar glider cost?

Question by strgoddss: How much should a sugar glider cost?
Last night I looked at sugar gliders at the mall, the breeder were only there in the holiday season. The glider I held was sweet and friendly, very tempting. The cost is 5 which includes a cage and a month of food and vitamins. I want one BUT the cost scares me off, what if I get the glider and can’t tame it? Anyone out there have experience?

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Answer by dezzy
Sugar gliders come in huge variety of prices and gliders are tamable. It depends on how you bond with it whether or not it likes you. And honestly that’s not a bad price for all that stuff together.

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What’s the total cost to own a Sugar Glider?

Question by merle lessard: What’s the total cost to own a Sugar Glider?
Including the Sugar Glider, cage, food, accessories, etc.

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Answer by Jessie
A lot, about 30$ a month for food. And they stink, cause they are constantly wanting to find a mate. Cute but not worth it.

Edit: around 150-200 for glider, 50-100 for cage, about 30- 50 for supplies, and a lot for food.

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How much does a sugar glider and a cage for the sugar glider cost all together?

Question by laylakristabff511: How much does a sugar glider and a cage for the sugar glider cost all together?
I have a question how much do sugar gliders and their cage and food cost all together

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Answer by angelicat
Firstly, you need a PAIR of sugar gliders, not just one. It is total cruelty to keep sugar gliders alone.

I live in the UK, and my pairs of sugar gliders cost me £300 for each pair. My cage cost £200, and so far vets bills have cost £300 or six hundred dollars in US money (one of my gliders was not well cared for in its last home and has problems as a result). I spent about £25 a week on my four…expect to spend at least £15 on a pair.

Us prices:

About 0 for a pair of sugar gliders, depending on where you get them.
Decent cage, about 0 (you want something bigger than 2X2 base size and 4 feet tall, like this: Sugar gliders are escape artists so cheap cages are a nono, cages must be powder coated and VERY large.
Week to week costs- – for a pair.

They will also require hours of daily attention from you, to say nothing of food preperation, and vets fees for them can be very large, as I have already found out and I havent even had my gliders a month.


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