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What are some SUGAR GLIDER must haves?

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Question by Tasha: What are some SUGAR GLIDER must haves?
I’ve been e-mail a guy for 3 days now about a sugar glider and finally we are meeting tommorow to go pick the glider up. I know i need a cage about 3 feet high,toys, a pouch, food..but i really want to have like a list of what i need. I’m goin to Petsmart and Petco to pick stuff up tonight so any information helps..thanks

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Answer by caterpillar
It like so many exotic pets, really needs its natural habitat. It doesn’t want toys and cute Pet store stuff. It wants trees, bugs, sunshine, clean water, and freedom!

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  1. Sassifras R on

    im not trying to be rude but if you are not responsible enough to do research and make a list of must haves yourself….you might not want to consider a sugar glider they are VERY VERY high matinance animals and very sensitive to their surroundings…. i would highly recommend telling the guy you need to wait til you are way more knowledgeable about these little critters exotic animals are NOT something armatures should be considering….

  2. Sara on

    Oh boy…

    You need ANOTHER SUGAR GLIDER. Sugar gliders are colony creatures and CANNOT be kept as singles.
    tall cage
    sleeping pouches (FLEECE – double layer…you won’t find these at pet smart or petco)
    glider safe toys (some bird toys are okay but be careful as a lot of woods are toxic to gliders.)
    food…this one is complicated. There is no suitable pre-packaged food for sugar gliders. Pellets are BAD for sugar gliders.
    A glider safe wheel… pet store wheels are no good for sugar gliders, you’ll need to order it online.
    An e-collar
    An emergency kit

    Tell the guy to wait until you get what you need (more information, for example).

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