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What are the cost of sugar gliders from

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Question by Elizabeth: What are the cost of sugar gliders from
Ive been looking at the sugar glider connection website but no where on the website does it say the total cost of purchasing a glider, the cage, and the price of the shipment. I really need to know the cost, its for a birthday present.
i have tired the email, it just send me a message back saying it could not be sent to that user and i do not have a phone at the moment… thats my huge dilema otherwise i would call.

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Answer by FunnyBunny
It doesn’t say but here is their e-mail address and phone number so you can call and ask.


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  1. Comatose on

    The Sugar Glider Connection is run by a man called Mike McGrath. I believe he is considered to be a mill breeder, and he neuters his males with a pocket knife. I would HIGHLY suggest finding another place to purchase a sugar glider.

    Also, stay away from Perfect Pocket Pets. They’re the largest mill breeder who sell sick, underage joeys and give out incorrect information about their care.

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