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Would a sugar glider be a good pet for me?

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Question by ethan cooper: Would a sugar glider be a good pet for me?
I have had many exotic pets and have read about sugar glides and their needs. I can provide a cage for it and have a relative who is a veterinarian who takes care of our sick pets. So would I be able to keep one?

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Answer by Bella Capulet
You can, but do a lot of Research first. Do you have a license to own a sugar glider? Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, because you always hear stories about exotic pets being abandoned because people didn’t think before getting one.

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  1. Bunny Limeade on

    Yes, you totally should! sugars are awesome :D

  2. Tyler Hoke on

    You also must be sure to have more than 1, sugar gliders are social animals and having only 1 can lead to depression. Also sugar gliders are nocturnal so if you keep them in your room be ready for many sleepless nights as they run arround their enclosures!

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